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Pages of My Bookも今月でchapter/12、1年を迎えることが出来ました。その間、たくさんの方々にご参加いただき、本当にありがとうございます!これからも様々なword、inspirationを元にたくさんの素敵な作品と巡り会えたら、と思っています。







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今月のGuestお一人目はAnna Maria さんをお迎えしました。

I am a little, Renaissance person who by a total coincidence has found herself in the middle of commercial Europe. I live in central Poland, not too far away from the seaside, quite close to the mountains. I am a Slavic soul, spiced with Mediterranean temperament, strengthened with Western courage, garnished with a Northern European type of beauty. Everything is so near, though distant at the same time, with common sense, moderation, tidiness, realistic view on the world and its issues scarcely being on my way. This is what I’m like, undefined. I describe myself as a Renaissance woman simply because I am passionately fond of all forms of art: theatre, architecture, painting, graphics, photography, dance, instrumental music. I like poetry as well, but, unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to write anything of artistic value – I haven’t been endowed with that kind of talent. In terms of education, I am a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. Out of choice, I am a mother to an almost 5-year-old son Jaś, a wife to a wonderful and terribly handsome man, and a mistress of a cosy, though tiny, flat on the 7th floor of a skyscraper.
My scrapbooking adventure started about three years ago when my son was celebrating his first birthday. I got him a scrapbooking album as a gift and began to fill it with photos – it engrossed me so much that it became my passion; that was also the moment when I started writing my blog.
I usually begin with searching for any kind of inspiration: a picture, some fantastic scrapwork which has charmed me and urged to create something equally good, a view from the window, friends, a child, a funny situation. I often get inspired by quotations, poems, melodies – I love music inspirations! I think they’re most amusing, they evoke my deepest emotions; in music I find the greatest number of colours, hues and shades. On the other hand, words acquaint me with distinct forms: either these very simple, inostensible or, on the contrary, these most sophisticated, baroque ones.

今月のGuestお二人目はStacyYoung  さんをお迎えしました。

Hi, my name is Stacey Young.  I live on the central coast of Queensland, Australia with my husband of 8 and a half years and our 3 darling little boys, Cooper (4), Kobi(2) and Mason (3 months).  These boys are my world and my main source of inspiration.  I would have to say I am a scrap addict, I love to create bright and colourful things.  I have been scrapping for about 7 years now and have always had a background in art and painting.  My style is very busy and I love to fill every inch of my page with paint, distressing and layer after layer of embellishments:)  I guess you could call it collage-like.   I am currently on design teams for Prima Marketing, The Color Room and My Little Bit of Whimsy.  Thankyou so much for having me as a guest designer on your wonderful, inspiring site!

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  1. Thank you girls for invite me to this chapter! It was a pleasure to take this challenge with you!
    Kisses from Poland!